Are You Rewarding Behaviors for Great Service?


We believe there are three ingredients that create a superb service greatness recipe for today’s Wired & Dangerous customer. Those ingredients are: the dream, the drive, and the discipline. Today’s customers are changing providers faster than ever before when they don’t consistently receive great service. Making sure you have these three ingredients driving your customer journey is critical for service success.
The dream (or service vision) must be aspirational while providing a clear picture of the distinctive service experience the unit or organization seeks to consistently create, both internally and externally.
The drive is the stick-to-it-ive-ness needed to stay the course until new practices become everyday habits.
The discipline means hardwiring standards (expectations) and norms (evidence) into the performance management process so there is both clarity and accountability.
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What Kind of Character Does Your Service Deliver?


Recent research shows that 86% of customers say loyalty is primarily driven by likability and 83% of customers say TRUST.
We all live our lives on promises.  From the time a child can grasp the concept of “Cross my heart and hope to die,” there is a forever realization that anxiety can be only reduced through proof of trust while waiting for a promise to be kept.  From “Scout’s honor” to “I do” to “…the whole truth and nothing but the truth” we seek cues that allay our worries.   Lifeguards, the bus schedule, and the spotlessness of a hospital room are all obvious artifacts of promises waiting to be kept.
The world of work has many forms of promises waiting to be kept.  We recollect the evident power of trust when we see brand names that have attached guarantees to their offerings–FedEx, Domino’s Pizza, Hampton Inn, Nordstrom and L.L. Bean.  And, we sense its subtle power when the hotel finds our reservation;[…] Continue…

How will you answer a Customer Service SOS?


The dinner party was super important because of the particular guests invited.  It was one-fifth entertainment, one-fifth showcase, and at least five-fifths big-deal sales opportunity!  The caterer had delivered over-the-top hors d’oeuvres, the contracted chef had prepared a perfect meal, and the bottles of white wine were perfectly chilled.  Then, disaster struck!
The host opened the first bottle of wine only to discover it tasted like vinegar.  A second, third and fourth reserve bottles were all equally unfit to drink. The dinner party would not have the intended ambiance and style without spirits.  But, as luck would have it, the wine shop owner was famous for his pull-rabbits-out-of-a-hat service.
“Matt,” pleaded the party host, “I have a major problem.” Matt owned the neighborhood wine store.  After a brief conversation, Matt swung into action. He called two of his best wine customers whom he knew lived near the […] Continue…

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