If Customers Characterized Your Service as a Mode of Transportation, What Would They Choose?


It all started with a party game…
Those funny “what if” social games that get sillier with late night exuberance and adult beverages. “What fruit would they be if all pharmacists were a fruit?” asked one guest, a deeply serious pharmacist. “If lawyers were farm animals, which one would they be?” teased another guest, targeting his attorney friend. Chip popped the obvious question–if customer service was a mode of transportation, what would it be? It yielded a few interesting, yet provocative, answers.
“Service should be a limousine,” one guest commented, “helping important people get what and where they want.” “I think a jeep,” said another, “since today’s customers have to traverse some challenging emotional terrain with all the self-service to which they are subjugated.” There were wild suggestions of golf carts, jet planes, and motorcycles. But, the one that prompted the most interesting[…] Continue…

Does Your Team Have a Back-Up Process for Service?


The opening keynote was preceded by the safety briefing for the large banquet hall attendees.  It was the usual “in case of fire” cautions and instructions.  It dramatically and clearly called attention to the exit signs over the doors completely invisible in an otherwise “take it for granted” perspective.  The flight attendant on the airline does the same “notice the exits” speech before every flight.
Great service has great exits!  We all enjoy the convenience of self-service and automation…when it works.  But, if we are caught inside with a less than satisfactory experience, we need a great exit.  Great exits include cross-trained wait staff able to swing into action when your waiter seems to have disappeared.  It includes supervisors who can take over for a front-line person who unexpectedly needs to abandon his or her post.  Great exits are the capacity to change delivery channels or get seamlessly[…] Continue…

Gratitude – Important for Independence Day and A True Measure of your Service Warmth


“Thank you” are the two most important words in the English language.   Yet, how often are you served and end up the only one in the equation doing the thanking?  As we approach the celebration of Independence Day we are reminded to take a moment and thank the brave founders of our great country. These folks were brave enough to sign and adopt the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776. Who stopped to say thank you to these brave men and women?
It is always important and never more so than in today’s tough economy to make sure customers know unmistakably that you do not take them for granted.  If all your customers exited tomorrow (which they certainly could), how well would you fare the day after tomorrow?
The goal of an effective “Thank You” is not simply the expression of a statement but rather the conveyance of a feeling.  We have all been on the receiving end of “thanks” knowing there was little sincerity.  Thanks means communicating[…] Continue…

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