Can Your Employees See the Details Critical for Delivering Innovative Service?

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This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day and we deeply thank all those who have served for their service! We both had the distinct honor and privilege to serve our country. Chip is a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran. 
New arrivals to any combat zones quickly learned that the difference between a veteran and a novice was far more than war stories. They had an expression for it on the front line in Viet Nam: “grunt eyes.” Grunts were the enlisted ranks of the infantry–low rank, little prestige, people whose job description started and ended with the simple requirement to, “Do what the ‘old man’ tells you to do.”
Those with “grunt eyes” were able to see things a new in-country recruit would completely miss. And there was little correlation with rank. Whether you were a captain or a private, you only acquired “grunt eyes” in the field, paying attention to every sight, sound, smell, impulse, clue, and condition that[…] Continue…

Is Your Organization Prepared for a Major Service Hiccup?

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On January 28, 1986, the world watched in horror as the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of all of its seven crew members.  Part of the massive media coverage was the fact that Christa McAuliffe was one of the seven.  She was the first female teacher in space.   What followed was an exhaustive effort to determine the cause of the disaster.  Top investigators, using the latest in technology and aeronautical engineering expertise, examined every square inch of the shuttle, ran countless experiments, and perused thousands of pages of aircraft blueprints.
The failure of one O-ring seal was determined to be the cause of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.  A contributing factor was cold weather prior to the launch. This was demonstrated by Cal Tech physics professor Richard Feynman when he placed a small O-ring into ice-cold water and subsequently showed its loss of pliability before[…] Continue…

Are You Learning Via Your Customer Intelligence Process?

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We are in the peak of the season of hyperbole.  Spend a few minutes listening to the scream of the media and you learn, according to some pundit, every candidate is a saint, insane or Satan. You finally dull the drone of the drivel by changing channels or ignoring the junk.  What do you do with customer complaint magnification? How do you ferret out certainty from behind the customer’s emotional camouflage? How often do you reach out to customers to hear how they really feel about their experience with your organization?
At a time when 300 billion emails are sent daily, 500 million tweets are posted daily, 95 million Instagram posts are made daily, and there are 4.8 billion interactions on Facebook daily, listening to your customers across multiple channels is absolutely critical to understanding customers ever changing expectations.* We know from research that social media is 5 times more powerful than word of mouth. Listening to learn from[…] Continue…

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