Is Respect an Obvious Element of Your Customers’ Journey?

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Designing and implementing a customer journey that drives great experiences is a hot topic today. Customers have their ‘antennae” on high alert for journeys that are not easy or frictionless, They quickly leave providers whose journeys lack appropriate expressions of gratitude for their business. One element many organizations miss as they review their customer journey maps is the element of respect.
We were conducting a customer service workshop not long ago for the amazing housekeeping staff of the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.  The small group task we assigned each of the five table groups was: “What does ‘respect’ look like to your customers and colleagues?”  Respect happens to be one of the Javits Center’s key service standards.  Many of the participants only spoke Spanish so we used a translator.  The spokesperson for a group of largely Hispanic participants said (in Spanish), “Respect is […] Continue…

Treating Loyal Customers Well

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Research shows the cost of acquiring a new customer can be five to ten times the cost of keeping an old customer.  And, as new customers become long-term customers their worth increases—they buy more, spend more, advocate more, and generally are less expensive to serve since they do not require customer training when they deal with you.  Many times organizations lose focus on how their efforts to attract new customers can impact those who have been loyal for many years.
John walked into his UPS store where he gets his corporate mail.  They were promoting three months free rent for all new customers who would sign a one year contract on a mailbox.  “I have been with you for ten years,” John told the clerk on duty.  “Do I get a big credit now like your brand new customers?”  The clerk was confused and completely missed John’s point.  The lesson is an important one!
When kids plead their parents for a new puppy it generally comes with plans[…] Continue…

All Touchpoints in the Customer Journey Are Not Created Equal!

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There is a great deal of conversation currently on the customer journey. We read and hear a great deal about friction-less, fast and easy journeys for the customer. There is absolutely no doubt if you look at current research that these are very important elements to consider in designing the customer journey. However, there are other elements that are even more important.
Your mama told you:  “A first impression is a lasting impression…and, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.” For today’s wired and dangerous customers, that is especially true.  Here is what is also true: “A last impression is a first memory…and, you may not get a second chance to make a good first memory.” Our role with customers is in fact to be memory makers! Yet, too few service providers think much about their last touch with customers.
Call center agents use a closed question—“Is there anything else I can help you with”—to[…] Continue…

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