What Is Your Formula for Delivering Powerful Customer Experiences?


Customers have changed! Research shows their expectations for customer service have increased significantly in the last 12 months. Forbes reports that 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. For today’s wired and dangerous customer any encounter with indifferent service fosters a quick exit to a new provider.
Imagine a quiet Saturday afternoon watching a favorite sports event suddenly interrupted by a loud popping sound immediately followed by smoke in the house. What flashes through your mind is a combination of I just lost the big screen TV, the house is on fire and much later in the day – who won the game I was watching?
My wife shut down all of the power while I checked out the room adjoining the big screen TV which had filled with smoke. “Call the fire department now,” I exclaimed! In just a few minutes we heard the welcome sound of sirens and major diesel[…] Continue…

How Do You Demonstrate Gratitude to Your Employees and Customers?


The Thanksgiving holiday, especially this year, is a great time to stop and reflect on your efforts to ensure your customers feel appreciated for no other reason than they are your customers! We know that today’s wired and dangerous customers are picky, fickle, vocal, and vain*! It is particularly important to understand the fickle moniker. They are Fickle–much quicker to leave if unhappy.  They not only show a lower tolerance for error, they will exit just on account of plain old indifferent service.  The hype of a brand name means little in deterring the disappointed customer’s exit. This means we have to have a very consistent and continuous campaign to ensure we are showing our customers how grateful we are that they are our customers!
“Thank you!” These are arguably the two most powerful words in the English language. Customers and colleagues love to hear and feel a sincere “thank you”. Imagine what would happen […] Continue…

Are You Delivering Great Customer Experiences?


Amex reports that US consumers say they’re willing to spend 17 percent more to do business with companies that deliver excellent service. Connect with one of your favorite service providers and you immediately feel the difference in the experience that makes this establishment one of your chosen few. What is the difference? There is no doubt that the product or outcome they deliver is one you value and trust but most likely they make a strong emotional connection with you throughout your journey with them that you find meaningful.
How can you make a strong emotional connection with customers? As we often tell our consulting clients, “it is not hard”! It does take a well thought out vision of what your unique and distinguishing service experience should be as well as a clear definition of the experiential elements you need to consistently provide to deliver your special experience across the entire customer journey. There are several common[…] Continue…

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