What changes would you make if you offered your customers a 100% satisfied service guarantee?


Lifetime warranties are a common feature of the product world.  They essentially say “we guarantee that the object you bought will work as long as you own it.  If the product ever fails, we promise to replace it or repair it to your satisfaction.”  Lifetime warranties, as opposed to limited warranties, are designed to be bold statements communicating confidence in a product.  What would a lifetime warranty look like for a customer service experience?
Customers today have changed. They are Picky–more cautious in the choices.  Made smarter by the internet, they are empowered and emboldened to accept nothing short of value.  It has made them Fickle—quicker to leave if unhappy.  Recent research shows that forty four percent of customers stop doing business immediately after a less than satisfactory experience and another 15% exit as soon as their contract is up! Can a customer service experience warranty help in retaining[…] Continue…

Strong Emotional Connections Required for Great Experiences!


Walk into one of your favorite service providers and you immediately feel the difference in the experience that makes this establishment one of your chosen few. What is the difference? There is no doubt that the product or outcome they deliver is one you value and trust but most likely they make a strong emotional connection with you that you find meaningful. As Bruce Temkin states; “Hopefully you recognize that emotion is a critical component of customer experience.”
How can you make a strong emotional connection with customers? As we often tell our consulting clients, “it is not hard”! It does take a well thought-out vision of what your unique and distinguishing service experience should be as well as a clear definition of the experiential elements employees need to consistently provide to deliver your special experience. There are several common components we find that deliver the “special” feeling to customers that bring[…] Continue…

Do You Know the DNA of Your Customers’ Experience?


DNA had been a star in recent years. TV shows make it the centerpiece of crime solving programs; the news media throw the label around like they might WMD’s or TSA. DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the  genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. And, like fingerprints, forensic specialists are able to use the DNA in blood, skin, hair or any bodily fluid located at a crime site to identify the “bad guy.”
So, what is the DNA of customer experience?  What if we assumed there was a component in the service encounter across the customer journey unique to each customer?  If we could “crack the customer’s service DNA code” we could fire off a special experience that encouraged the customer to shoot back their loyalty. We believe the service molecule containing the customer’s unique identity is “Connection.”
Connection is the intersection point between a customer with needs and[…] Continue…

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