How can you put customers in position to guide your direction?


Have you noticed that your customers have changed? 79% of customers say they want brands to demonstrate that they care before they will consider a purchase. They have raised the bar on how they view customer experience. And 76% of customers say the level of customer service you provide is the true test of how much your organization values them. They are looking for service providers who consistently deliver service experiences that drive loyalty! Service providers focused on delivering GREAT service! The kind of service that takes the customers’ breath away! If we can consistently deliver this kind of experience the payback is huge!
Chairs are a big deal.  The big boss sits in the chair at the head of the board table.  The best player in each section of an orchestra is called “first chair” and the first chair of the first violin section is the “concertmaster.”  We call the leader of a committee the “chair.” Many renowned professors[…] Continue…

What’s Your Plan in Case of a Service Breakdown?


Customers have changed! 79% of customers say they want brands to demonstrate that they care before they will consider a purchase! Made smarter by the internet, they are empowered and emboldened to accept nothing short of value.  It has made them Fickle—quicker to leave if unhappy.  33% of Americans say that it only takes a single instance of poor service for them to consider switching companies.  It means we have to have a powerful service recovery capacity to fix things quickly when they go wrong.
The dance competition was going great!  Little girls (and a few boys) had traveled with their cheerleaders, coaches, and parents to hear the pronouncement, “And, the winner of first place in the lyrical 7-9 year olds category, a high gold goes to….”  The stage was littered with trophies.  The auditorium was packed with mothers who were vicariously on the stage.  The familiar Strauss waltz started to play and sixteen girls […] Continue…

Communicating that Customers Matter


In the last few months, we have visited several C level officers of client companies.  Most executive offices today are smaller than in past years and have interiors that are no longer decorated to communicate importance and prestige.  Most C level offices are supported by an administrative assistant that could have written the book on great hosting.  Some C level offices are on high floors and have superb panoramic views.  There is always one feature that makes the offices very different—what the C level leader chooses to display on the office wall.
Some have framed stock certificates of each of the smaller companies the organization has acquired.  They are typically displayed much like a big game hunter might display the stuffed heads of animals killed.  Some choose to display photos of customers… some with the executive in the photo; some just customers.  The interesting part to us was the fact that CEOs with the acquisition[…] Continue…

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