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Great Service has Amazing Capacity to Change!

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The opening keynote was preceded by the safety briefing for the large banquet hall attendees.  It was the usual “in case of fire” cautions and instructions.  It dramatically and clearly called attention to the exit signs over the doors completely invisible in an otherwise “take it for granted” perspective.  The flight attendant on the airline does the same “notice the exits” speech before every flight.
Great service has great exits!  We all enjoy the convenience of self-service and automation…when it works.  But, if we are caught inside with a less than satisfactory experience, we need a great exit.  Great exits include cross-trained wait staff able to swing into action when your waiter seems to have disappeared.  It includes supervisors who can take over for a front line person who unexpectedly needs to abandon his or her post.  As we have all experienced during the current pandemic, great exits are the capacity[…] Continue…

How powerful is the experience you are currently delivering to customers?

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Customers have changed! Research shows their expectations for customer service have increased significantly in the last 12 months. When it comes to deciding where to shop, 64% of people rate quality of customer experience as more important than price. For today’s wired and dangerous customer any encounter with indifferent service fosters a quick exit to a new provider.
Imagine a quiet Saturday afternoon watching a favorite sports event suddenly interrupted by a loud popping sound immediately followed by smoke in the house. What flashes through your mind is a combination of,  I just lost the big screen TV, the house is on fire and much later in the day – who won that game I was watching?
My wife shut down all of the power while I checked out the room adjoining the big screen TV which had filled with smoke. “Call the fire department now!” I exclaimed. In just a few minutes we heard the welcome sound of sirens and major diesel engines straining[…] Continue…

How many “advocates for customers” work in your organization?

Today’s wired and dangerous customers crave organizations that consistently deliver great service and create emotional connections with customers. Do you have people in your organization who consistently deliver great customer service?
We walked into the Marriott Windsor, Connecticut on a Monday about 8:20pm after a two hour flight from Atlanta to find a crowd at the Front Desk. Looking for dinner, we headed directly to the restaurant and requested our favorite server, Lacey. Lacey gets great service and of course, remembered us from our last visit.
After a warm welcome, she raced to deliver our favorite beverages which she remembered as well. She updated us with the dinner specials, answered our questions with infectious enthusiasm and gave us a few minutes to select our choices. When she returned to take our order we told her we had a “special service challenge”. As we expected Lacey was up for the challenge! We explained[…] Continue…

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