Communicating that Customers Matter


In the last few months, we have visited several C level officers of client companies.  Most executive offices today are smaller than in past years and have interiors that are no longer decorated to communicate importance and prestige.  Most C level offices are supported by an administrative assistant that could have written the book on great hosting.  Some C level offices are on high floors and have superb panoramic views.  There is always one feature that makes the offices very different—what the C level leader chooses to display on the office wall.


Some have framed stock certificates of each of the smaller companies the organization has acquired.  They are typically displayed much like a big game hunter might display the stuffed heads of animals killed.  Some choose to display photos of customers… some with the executive in the photo; some just customers.  The interesting part to us was the fact that CEOs with the acquisition walls made no comments about what was displayed.  The C level leaders with customer faces were all eager to tell us about many of the relationships.  You can guess what mattered to the front line of each company.


People don’t judge you by conversation, but by observation.  What they see you do is far more important than what you say.  What would be on your trophy wall at work?  What photo, plaque or framed distinction would you hang so others might easily gauge what matters most?


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