Does Your Organization Partner Internally to Deliver Great Service?


Customers are so different today! Their expectations have increased exponentially in the last 12 months even without considering the impact of the pandemic! They have raised the bar to a very high level on how they view customer experience. They are looking for service providers who consistently deliver service experiences that drive loyalty! Service providers focused on delivering GREAT service and able to change delivery systems rapidly as well as effectively in a very challenging environment. Customers want the kind of service that takes their breath away! If we can consistently deliver this kind of experience the payback is huge!
Research concludes that since 2009, customers are valuing an “average” experience less than before and have even less patience for variability inaccurate as well as effective delivery. In addition, research indicates companies that experience inconsistency challenges often expend unnecessary […] Continue…

Can Your Front Line Team Provide a Great Service Exit?


The opening keynote was preceded by the safety briefing for the large banquet hall attendees. It was the usual “in case of fire” cautions and instructions. It dramatically and clearly called attention to the exit signs over the doors completely invisible in an otherwise “take it for granted” perspective. The flight attendant on the airline does the same “notice the exits” speech before every flight. Every movie at the theatre asks the audience to “please find the nearest exit in case of an emergency” before the main feature begins.
Great service has great exits! We all enjoy the convenience as well as speed of self-service and automation…when it works. But, if we are caught inside with a less than satisfactory experience, we need a great exit. Great exits include cross-trained wait staff able to swing into action when your server seems to have disappeared. It includes supervisors and managers who can take over for a front[…] Continue…

Have you completed an “attitude audit” from the customer’s perspective lately?

military tank

It all started with a creative conversation…those funny “what if” discussions that get sillier with late night exuberance and adult beverages.  “What fruit would they be if all pharmacists were a fruit?” asked a deeply serious pharmacist. “If lawyers were farm animals, which one would they be?” teased a person, targeting his attorney friend.  Chip popped the obvious question–if customer service was a mode of transportation, what would it be?  It yielded a few interesting, yet provocative, answers.
“Service should be a limousine,” one individual commented, “helping important people get what and where they want when they want it.”  “I think a jeep,” said another, “since today’s customers have to traverse some challenging emotional terrain with the challenges brought by the COVID 19 pandemic.”  There were a few wild suggestions of golf carts, jet planes, and motorcycles.  But, the […] Continue…

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