Are You Learning Via Your Customer Intelligence Process?

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We are in the peak of the season of hyperbole.  Spend a few minutes listening to the scream of the media and you learn, according to some pundit, every candidate is a saint, insane or Satan. You finally dull the drone of the drivel by changing channels or ignoring the junk.  What do you do with customer complaint magnification? How do you ferret out certainty from behind the customer’s emotional camouflage? How often do you reach out to customers to hear how they really feel about their experience with your organization?
At a time when 300 billion emails are sent daily, 500 million tweets are posted daily, 95 million Instagram posts are made daily, and there are 4.8 billion interactions on Facebook daily, listening to your customers across multiple channels is absolutely critical to understanding customers ever changing expectations.* We know from research that social media is 5 times more powerful than word of mouth. Listening to learn from[…] Continue…

Do Your Employees Add “Spice” to Make Special Experiences?

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Customers today have higher expectations than ever. They expect speedy, frictionless treatment that telegraphs they are valued, special and unique, not just one of the masses.  This customer narcissism has been forged both through the pampering provided by service providers as well as their new found muscle to get their way in the marketplace.
This level of expectations represents a dramatic shift in what is required to ensure customer loyalty–the stuff of growth and profits.  That shift has resulted in customer requirements for value being very out-of-sync with the tried and true methods organizations have relied on for years.  When front-line employees deliver service that fulfills the customer’s stated needs, they are taken aback when customers give them less than satisfactory grades.  When a small gaffe triggers volcano-like customer uproar, front-line employees believe they have met a deranged deviant with[…] Continue…

Do You “Love Up” Your Customers Every Day?

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Last week was National Customer Service Week. We hope you had many special activities planned to “love up” your customers during this special week! However, it is not really about what you do for customers during one week or one day a year is it? Absolutely not! In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace where customers’ expectations keep increasing it is about how you love up your customers every day and every interaction!
Stew Leonard, Jr. CEO of Stew Leonard’s Dairy Store headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, is about as energetic about customers as anyone you can find. He rushes around his stores glad-handing customers, soliciting their feedback, ringing up sales, helping lost-looking customers find what they’re in search of, thumping employees on the back, and generally energizing everyone in the place. When he speaks to groups, as he often does, one of his favorite phrases is, “Ya gotta love that customer!”[…] Continue…

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