Do You Have a Strong Service Breakdown Plan?


Customers have changed! Nearly 80% of American consumers point to speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service as the most important elements of a positive customer experience. Made smarter by the internet, they are empowered and emboldened to accept nothing short of value.  It has made them Fickle—quicker to leave if unhappy.  One in three consumers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. This figure is even higher in Latin America, at 49%.
It means we have to have a powerful service recovery capacity to fix things quickly when they go wrong.
The dance competition was going great!  Little girls (and a few boys) had traveled with their cheerleaders, coaches, and parents to hear the ultimate pronouncement, “And, the winner of first place in the lyrical 7-9 year olds category, a high gold goes to….”  The stage was littered with trophies.  The auditorium was packed with[…] Continue…

Is Your ATTITUDE Attracting Customers?


You are in complete control of your attitude. Victor Frankl in his classic book, Man’s Search For Meaning, described how prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp in World War II determined their longevity by the way they imagined their future. The book has sold over 10 million copies. Camp survivors did not let their cruel guards determine their attitude toward life. While they had no control over their physical fate, they did have total domination over how they emotionally viewed their fate.
Customers today have changed. They are Picky–more cautious in their choices and they are smarter as well as better informed in a world with many more choices. Made smarter by the internet, they are empowered and emboldened to accept nothing short of value. It has made them Fickle—quicker to leave if unhappy. 79 percent of customers want their issue to be resolved in one interaction and don’t want to be told what channel they should use. Customers[…] Continue…

Are You Meeting or Exceeding Your Customers’ Thresholds for Service Delivery?


We are seeing a lot of threshold alarms these days. Highway freeways tell us “minimum speed 40 mph.” It is a way of keeping horse-drawn buggies off the road. Minimum orders signal that only volume purchases are allowed. Even Disney has threshold alarms that say a child must be “this tall” to get on a particular attraction. As her two older sisters zipped past the “this tall” sign, it promoted my youngest granddaughter to say, “Tell them that scary things don’t scare me!”
Customers also have minimums. Their pursuit of effortless, fast-paced service has shortened their wait clocks and adjusted downward their hassle monitor. Their standards for letting service providers into their game has ratcheted dramatically up. They have no tolerance for toil, no interest in insipid, and no patience of the pedantic. And, when their mediocre meter goes off, they alert all in their cyber reach to stay away.
Today the customer tells us it’s[…] Continue…

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