Have you completed an “attitude audit” from the customer’s perspective lately?

military tank

It all started with a creative conversation…those funny “what if” discussions that get sillier with late night exuberance and adult beverages.  “What fruit would they be if all pharmacists were a fruit?” asked a deeply serious pharmacist. “If lawyers were farm animals, which one would they be?” teased a person, targeting his attorney friend.  Chip popped the obvious question–if customer service was a mode of transportation, what would it be?  It yielded a few interesting, yet provocative, answers.
“Service should be a limousine,” one individual commented, “helping important people get what and where they want when they want it.”  “I think a jeep,” said another, “since today’s customers have to traverse some challenging emotional terrain with the challenges brought by the COVID 19 pandemic.”  There were a few wild suggestions of golf carts, jet planes, and motorcycles.  But, the […] Continue…

Did everyone bring their service greatness attitude today?


You are in complete control of your attitude.  Victor Frankl in his classic book, Man’s Search For Meaning, described how prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp in World War II determined their longevity by the way they imagined their future.  The book has sold over 10 million copies.  Camp survivors did not let their cruel guards determine their attitude toward life.  While they had no control over their physical fate, they did have total domination over how they emotionally viewed their fate.
Customers love service people with an ultra-positive/get it done attitude!  Generation Y customers (Millennials) who are an ever-increasingly powerful group of customers are on the prowl for fantastic personal experiences. Making a strong personal connection is key for attracting and retaining these folks. It takes a great attitude to establish the kind of connection millennials crave. Millennials are also quick to judge the experience[…] Continue…

As You Re-open Are Your Employees Making Special Experiences?



As businesses reopen their physical locations and customers adapt to the new normal of all kinds of virtual experiences it has become more important than ever before to deliver consistently great experiences. Customers today have higher expectations than ever for their journey with your organization. They expect speedy, frictionless treatment that telegraphs they are valued, special and unique, not just one of the masses.
This level of expectations represents a dramatic shift in what is required to ensure customer loyalty–the stuff of growth and profits. That shift has resulted in customer requirements for value being very out-of-sync with the tried and true methods organizations have relied on for years. When front line employees deliver service that fulfills the customer’s stated needs, they are taken aback when customers give them less than satisfactory grades. When a small gaffe triggers volcano-like customer[…] Continue…

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