Is Your Customer Intelligence Keeping Pace with Customer Expectations?


Customers are different today! Their ever changing expectations continue to increase! 70% of American consumers say they have spent more money to shop with a business that delivers great service! (American Express). They have raised the bar on how they view customer experience. They are looking for service providers who consistently deliver service experiences that drive loyalty even in an environment of customer expectations that change at supersonic speed! Everyone lives in a wired 24x7x365 world today where customers expect us to keep up with their needs and desires and to change our experiences as well as offerings to meet their rapidly changing demands.
The downside of a vacation at the beach can be eating way too much seafood, especially if you happen to be a lover of delicious fare from the deep! A popular antidote to weight gain from beach banquets is to rent a bicycle for a long ride along the shore.
Bicycle rental today is[…] Continue…

Are You Learning Via Your Customer Intelligence Process?


We are in the peak of the season of hyperbole.  Spend a few minutes listening to the scream of the media and you learn, according to some pundit, every candidate is a saint, insane or Satan. You finally dull the drone of the drivel by changing channels or ignoring the junk.  What do you do with customer complaint magnification? How do you ferret out certainty from behind the customer’s emotional camouflage? How often do you reach out to customers to hear how they really feel about their experience with your organization?
At a time when 300 billion emails are sent daily, 500 million tweets are posted daily, 95 million Instagram posts are made daily, and there are 4.8 billion interactions on Facebook daily, listening to your customers across multiple channels is absolutely critical to understanding customers ever changing expectations.* We know from research that social media is 5 times more powerful than word of mouth. Listening to learn from[…] Continue…

Do you regularly view the customer journey from their point of view?


A man lived right by the railroad track.  For years, the train roared by his bedroom window at two-o’clock every morning.  He grew so accustomed to it that it never disturbed his sleep.  One night no train came through.  The usual train was taken out of circulation for maintenance and a substitute was unavailable.  At precisely 2 AM, the man lunged from a deep sleep and exclaimed, “What was that?!”
Customer service can be a lot like the man in the house beside the track.  We take it completely for granted.  We stop seeing the details of our customer’s experience; we cease standing in our customer’s shoes. Processes become a lot like wallpaper to a resident and we become afflicted with a type of blindness that keeps us from appreciating our customer’s world.  That is until something jolts us into suddenly noticing the unnoticeable.  An important customer leaves angry; a key account is lost to the competition, or a sneering review[…] Continue…

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