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Maintaining Customer Relationships During a Pandemic

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CX (customer experience) has been hot for a few years.  But, IT wizardry and the push to cut costs by un-humanizing the service experience has too often removed the “relationship” from “customer experience”    The by-product was aptly characterized by a friend of ours describing her bank knowledge of her account status but corresponding lack of desire to know her personally.
Today we face a huge challenge in maintaining and building customer relationships when personal connections are significantly reduced or eliminated due to the COVID-19 virus. We can utilize the phone, chat, text video conference, etc. but it just isn’t the same as the tried and true personal connection. Social distancing and the need to wear a mask are likely to be with us for a long time. We all need our customers to remain our customers and refer others to us more than ever before. How can we achieve a strong relationship during the current pandemic?
Attitude[…] Continue…

Communicating Who & What Matters Most

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The “new normal” is anything but normal. We have witnessed a terrible pandemic with reverberations throughout our country, our people and our economy. This is a very difficult time for many people, We know that we’ll get through it but these are challenging times. We wish all our readers the best. Stay safe and healthy!
These days have seen a massive change in how we interact, collaborate and communicate with others. Our days are filled with conference calls and video conferences since we are all “social distancing”. In times like these it is critical that we find ways to communicate how important our employees and customers are to our business.
In our work we often visit C level officers of client companies.  Most executive offices today are smaller than in past years and are no longer interior decorated to communicate importance and prestige.  Most C level offices are supported by an administrative assistant that could[…] Continue…

Keeping Up the Connections Required for Great Experiences!

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We are in the midst of a terrible pandemic with far ranging impacts. People are dying from this horrible virus, businesses are closing all around us and families are losing everything. It is a tough time and from everything we hear this will continue for a while. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the brave first responders and the medical community who are working so hard to save lives in a dangerous environment.
Most of us are learning about social distancing and how to navigate a world of conference calls and WebExes. We are finding new ways to communicate and collaborate while we are under “shelter in place” restrictions. Could this be a good time to strengthen your connections with your customers?
How can you make a strong emotional connection with customers? As we often tell our consulting clients, “it is not hard”! It does take a well thought out vision of what your unique and distinguishing service experience should be[…] Continue…

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