Intelligent Service Monitoring



It was a compelling story on a popular evening news program.  A reporter was trapped for days under the rubble of a collapsed hotel following an earthquake.  He gave much of the credit for his survival to a first aid app he had downloaded on his smartphone. The app even gave him instructions on how to care for a major cut from his knee to his foot.

What would a service aid app be like?  And, since service is delivered through a relationship, one could call it a service aide—the assistant always there to lighten your load, expedite your work, or enhance your effectiveness…much like a general’s aide.

I recently dropped a phone line from the array of five numbers for the business.  The call center agent handled the disconnect and then looked at the other four accounts and started telling me ways I could save on each.  She reviewed my historical use and their current rate plans and ultimately cut my monthly phone bill over $200.  While I was appreciative of her help, I realized I had been paying too much for too long.  Why couldn’t a service aide in my phone keep me always on the best plan that matched my phone behavior?  I know what you are thinking–it was not in their best interest!  But, shouldn’t it be?

My new laptop periodically tells me the icons on my desktops that are underutilized.  Why can’t there be a service aide that monitors my keystrokes and computer habits to tell me shortcuts and efficiency measures I probably missed in the owner’s manual.  My car can tell me if my left front tire is low, but I really need it to be a service aide and remind me to turn on my seat warmers in order to lower the heater setting and thus save me a few miles per gallon.

We live in a time of smart everything and connected everything. Customers expect you to personalize their experience by constantly monitoring their service performance and using that intelligence to make it better.  Service aide is not all about the computer…it is about an attitude.  What steps are you taking to embed a service aide in your customers’ experiences?

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