Make Your Service a Headline!


customer service agents taking calls

Did you ever notice that “word of mouth” about great service is typically communicated as a story?  More often than a simple “They’re very good” compliment is a “Did I tell you what happened to me this week at the local restaurant” story.  Even as customers focus on the social media and the internet as their preferred channel of service praise and rebuke, stories are their primary memorable medium.

We are all suckers for a great story.  We love telling them and we love hearing them.  Good stories make campfires worth lighting, cocktail parties worth attending and performing arts—well, the performing arts.  They instruct, inform, entertain, warm and warn.  A story is the spoken song, tall tale, or a poignant parable which makes a point, teaches a lesson, inspires the spirit or entertains the heart.

Great service providers focus in their customer journeys across the organization on ways they can become the subject of a compelling customer story.  They consider how they might animate their customers’ experience in a fashion that touches something familiar within them, yet shows them something new about themselves, their lives, or their world.   How can your customer service be the headline of your customers’ stories?

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