How to Un-Timid Your Customers


The idea honestly came from renowned songwriter Diane Warren. She was the award-winning composer who wrote “Un-break My Heart” for singer Toni Braxton. The song title invites your thinker to think differently about a particular concept–how to undo a condition already present rather than zeroing in on how to prevent it in the first place.

Chip’s dentist and pet boarder both have phone systems that place you in a phone tree. It sounds like, “If you are a new customer, press one,” or “for reservations punch three.” That is all well and good. Except many times when a call is initiated, Chip is driving. There is no, “or say one” in the phone message. For daredevils, it forces you to take your eyes off the road to punch your phone. For safe drivers, it necessitates pulling over and stopping to use the phone. Neither option is customer friendly. When the Bells have offered feedback, they have gotten excuses about the phone vendor.

Recently, both enterprises asked the Bells for their ideas and suggestions on ways they could make their service better. Chip’s retort. “If they cannot deal with feedback, why should I invest time giving them new ideas. I am just likely to get pushback on reasons my idea won’t work.”

Most customers are timid about offering ideas and suggestions. For proof, look inside the next suggestion box you see. Sure, there are bold souls with a black belt in badmouth willing to give their advice to anyone who will listen. However, most customers require a bit more encouragement.

It starts with making certain the request carries a preamble of sincerity: “We know that our phone system needs improving, and we are working on it, what else can we do…” Un-timiding takes immediate affirmation and gratitude as soon as even a tiny suggestion is made. “Great idea, thank you so much for offering it.” And, it requires making certain your customers know about changes that came from them or from customers like them. “Come look at what we changed based on suggestions from customers like you.”

Winning organizations enjoy bold customers willing to be forthright in their feedback and ingenious in their suggestions. Un-timid your customers by putting out the welcome mat and treating them like valued partners. They will lower their shield of timidity and let you inside their imagination.


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