Halloween – a Time to Check Your Service Attic!



Halloween is here today! Parents reflect on Halloween’s past with colorful pictures in their minds. Kids are excited the BIG day has finally arrived —sugar highs, “who ‘ya gonna be this year,” doorbells and knocks, candles in pumpkins, goblins and witches, bats and spiders, oh my! But, the phrase that most characterizes the season of scare is “trick or treat.” The front door command literally means, “Give me a treat or be prepared to be the victim of my trick.”

Customers have their own form of the Halloween ritual. In fact, every time a customer deals with a service provider, they are essentially saying, “Give me the treat of service with value or be prepared to be the victim of my trick.”

“Treat” to the customer means service that is personalized and effortless. It includes ensuring real or implied promises are always made. And, it involves a service provider connecting with them via the timing, tone, and manner they prefer. This is a great time to check your attic – not just any attic but your “service attic”.

The attic! It was a great place to hide during hide-and-seek. If you wanted a trip down memory lane, it was the best place to go for artifacts of the past. And, every celebrated season—Halloween, Easter, you name it—had special stuff stored for an annual delight. It was a treasure trove of forgotten toys and rarely-used tools. There was also important things up there—old tax records, special photos, manuals for how to repair the furnace, and survival items in case of an emergency.

Attics are important for every household. They are also important for great service. Some things are now “atticed” (that’s attic as a verb!) on the computer. Some might be in a warehouse. But, access to the service attic, in whatever form, is important to great service. It means employees can research, recover, and repair. It means customers know they are dealing with an organization with depth, not a house of cards with a superficial storefront. What’s in your service attic? How can you use your service attic as a powerful resource to improve your customers’ journey?

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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