Do You Show Trust to Your Customers?


teamwork. one person helping another person climb a mountain.

The Holiday Inn in Peterborough, Ontario, is famous for what they call the “magical moments” they create for guests.   A woman who frequently stays at Holiday Inns called the Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront with a unique request.   Although she lived hundreds of miles away, her daughter lived alone in Peterborough.  She had learned in a phone call that her daughter was not feeling well.  Wanting to help her daughter, the mother had called several restaurants in the area in an attempt to secure a meal delivered to her daughter and charged to the mother’s credit card.  All had refused.  Remembering the service she had previously received from Holiday Inns, she called the Peterborough hotel in a last ditch effort for assistance.

Eliza Belfry, Guest Service Representative and Jennifer Charron, Riverside Grill Server went into action.  The requested meal was prepared and a taxi summoned.  Pursuant to the mother’s request Eliza and Jennifer directed the taxi to not only deliver the meal but to stop at a neighborhood pharmacy along the way to get medicine for the woman’s sick daughter.  After the request was granted and charges placed on the customer’s credit card, she called the General Manager to rave about their willingness to trust her.  “I will stay only at your Holiday Inn when I come to Peterborough to visit my daughter,” she told the GM.

Trusting actions can be as small as the cup of pennies next to the cash register with a sign on the cup which reads, “Got a penny, give a penny; need a penny, take a penny.”  The power of trust is that it creates more–show trust to customers, they’ll trust you back.

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