Are You Consistently Taking Your Customers Breath Away?


In today’s hyper-competitive market customers long for organizations, they can trust. They trust organizations who consistently deliver great experiences. The kind of experiences that take their breath away!

We believe there are three ingredients that create this superb customer service experience greatness recipe. Those ingredients are: the dream, the drive, and the discipline. 

The dream (or service vision) must be aspirational while providing a clear picture of the distinctive customer experience the unit or organization seeks to consistently create, throughout the customer’s journey both internally and externally. 

The drive is the stick-to-it-ive-ness needed to stay the course until new practices become everyday habits throughout the organization.

The discipline means hardwiring standards (expectations) and behaviors (evidence) into the performance management process so there is both clarity and accountability. 

Partnerships work when they have common goals, values, and purpose. Having a compelling service vision along with clear standards and behaviors ensures a payoff that can be powerful. The customer experiences a consistency from which they draw trust. The unit or organization gains a means to ensure focus and rationale to policies, processes, and procedures. 

What is your dream? What is your drive? What is your discipline in place? 


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