How are You Communicating Gratitude and Appreciation?


thanksgiving-2903166_1280As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches it is a great time to stop and reflect on your efforts to ensure your customers feel appreciated for no other reason than they are your customers! We know that today’s wired and dangerous customers are picky, fickle, vocal and vain*! It is particularly important to understand the fickle moniker. They are Fickle–much quicker to leave if unhappy. They not only show a lower tolerance for error, they will exit just on account of plain old indifferent service. The hype of a brand name means little in deterring the disappointed customer’s exit. This means we have to have a very consistent and continuous campaign to ensure we are showing our customers how grateful we are that they are our customers!

“Thank you!” These are arguably the two most powerful words in the English language. Customers and colleagues love to hear and feel a sincere “thank you”. Imagine what would happen to your business[…] Continue...

What’s on Your Customer Experience Menu?



Menus can tell you a lot about a restaurant. Some menus have limited choices; some have way too many.  Some have language like “no substitutions,” “salad bar extra,” or “breakfast only served until 10:30 am.” Some show you pictures of their featured meals; some have crazy entre names like “Whoopee burger” or “Don’s Big Mess.” There are restaurants that communicate what they think of young guests by the size of their “children’s menu.” Some laminate their menus giving you the distinct perception choices rarely change.

Customers today evaluate their journey with your organization in part by your customer experience menu—the choices and options you provide. And, they assume all service providers can tailor their experience. Can you imagine a fast food restaurant flatly refusing to “hold the onions?” Customers return to service providers that allow them to “have it your way” and avoid those with a […] Continue...

Halloween – a Time to Check Your Service Attic!



Halloween is here today! Parents reflect on Halloween’s past with colorful pictures in their minds. Kids are excited the BIG day has finally arrived —sugar highs, “who ‘ya gonna be this year,” doorbells and knocks, candles in pumpkins, goblins and witches, bats and spiders, oh my! But, the phrase that most characterizes the season of scare is “trick or treat.” The front door command literally means, “Give me a treat or be prepared to be the victim of my trick.”

Customers have their own form of the Halloween ritual. In fact, every time a customer deals with a service provider, they are essentially saying, “Give me the treat of service with value or be prepared to be the victim of my trick.”

“Treat” to the customer means service that is personalized and effortless. It includes ensuring real or implied promises are always made. And, it involves a service provider connecting with them via the timing, tone, and manner they[…] Continue...

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