Intelligent Service Monitoring



It was a compelling story on a popular evening news program.  A reporter was trapped for days under the rubble of a collapsed hotel following an earthquake.  He gave much of the credit for his survival to a first aid app he had downloaded on his smartphone. The app even gave him instructions on how to care for a major cut from his knee to his foot.

What would a service aid app be like?  And, since service is delivered through a relationship, one could call it a service aide—the assistant always there to lighten your load, expedite your work, or enhance your effectiveness…much like a general’s aide.

I recently dropped a phone line from the array of five numbers for the business.  The call center agent handled the disconnect and then looked at the other four accounts and started telling me ways I could save on each.  She reviewed my historical use and their current rate plans and ultimately cut my monthly phone bill over $200.  While I was appreciative[…] Continue...

Delivering Great Service begins with a Spirit of Greatness!


increase customer experience with a positive attitude

Customers have changed! We know that customers’ expectations are higher than ever. Research we have reviewed suggests customer expectations have risen as much as 33% in a year! We also know that customers report they do not get great service very often; about 50% report they only get their expectations met sometimes, rarely or never!

Consistently delivering innovative service that takes your customers’ breath away is the prescription for providing incredible care to your most important asset – your customers! Great customer service gives us an experience to remember; innovative service gives us a magical story to tell and gives customers a reason to come back and buy again.

As we help organizations change their definition of the service experience they choose to consistently provide their customers to the kind of service that takes their breath away, we find ourselves more and more discussing the importance attitude plays as a vital[…] Continue...

The Power of Fast!



The root canal had a hiccup. Three weeks after the dental procedure, Chip called his world-class dentist to alert him that mild discomfort had returned to his wayward tooth. He was calling for an appointment. “He wants to see you right now,” said the receptionist. Minutes later he was in the dentist chair!

Year-end tax planning yielded a couple of unexpected technical questions. Chip called his tax accountant to set up a phone appointment. “If you have the time I can put you through to her now,” said her assistant. Seconds later he was in a conversation he predicted he would have to wait several days to have.

John’s car odometer matched the “Get an Oil Change” sticker on my windshield. When he called his auto repair and maintenance shop to schedule a time for them to change the oil, rotate and balance the tires and any other needed maintenance, he got a friendly voice that said: “Can you bring your car in right now?”

The dentist, accountant,[…] Continue...

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