Flower Your Customer’s Experience


We dedicated our current newsletter to Spring. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” said the comedian, Robin Williams.

It is the season of renewal and growth. It is a time when we think about going barefoot or going fishing. We spring clean, have a spring fling, spring into action, and put a spring in our steps. It connotes energy and freshness.

What a perfect season to create a new, vibrant relationship with those you serve. If your customers were a garden, this would be the time to clear away the crabgrass of boredom and ho-hum, fertilize your relationships, and plant new opportunities for a fruitful alliance. Spring clean your customer relationships and enjoy the flowering of the growth in your bottom-line!! (If you are not on our newsletter distribution list and would like to be, please email john at john@johnrpatterson.com and we will get you on there.)

flowerNature can be a powerful inspiration for innovative service providers. The flower on the left just popped up unexpectedly one bright sunny morning after four straight days of grey clouds and dreary rain. It made me smile…as if the flower knew I would be walking by and elected to brighten my day with its special song. It reminded me of the “Have an Excellent” lady at CVS Pharmacy.

University of Rhode Island students enjoy going to the CVS/pharmacy nearby in the Kingston Emporium to buy a snack and to see “The Excellence Lady.” The attraction is CVS head cashier Helen “Nonni” Plummer who bids farewell to every customer with the phrase, “Have an excellent!” Should someone inquire “Excellent what?” she quickly adds, “Whatever you want it to be.” Her infectious spirit has spread to a Facebook.com group titled, “You Have an Excellent.”

The flower in my side yard was “singing” Nonni’s song. It is a song you know. And, there are customers who would be uplifted and affirmed to hear you sing it!

Greet customers with more energy and enthusiasm than the situation requires. Compliment something about the customer… “What a great color?” or “You have a nice smile.” Be much more patient than usual. Flower your customer’s experience and they will return for another song!

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