How Can You Take Your Customer’s Breath Away?



It was too early to pick up our teenager, so we decided to grab a quick dinner at Prime Restaurant in the mall. Our service antenna registered we were in for a great experience as we met James who would be our server.

We knew we were in for a treat when we questioned James about our initial choice of wine. He rapidly shook his head and stated emphatically our choice was not a wise one. He brought us two glasses to taste – wines 1 & 2. We chose wine 1 which James had predicted and began asking James about the menu. When it was time to order James did not approve of my first choice and while he stated he could not be negative he “could be silent.” I moved on to another choice which James approved of and naturally proved to be delicious.

He obviously had been empowered by the General Manager of the restaurant to provide customers with his experienced insight to ensure a fantastic experience. So went our entire meal including of course James’ favorite dessert which was absolutely exquisite.

Do you have a “James” in your organization empowered to consistently take your customers breath away?

Please check out John’s recent post on LinkedIn.

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