Do You Show Your Customers You Love Them?


Rustic heart.Noted small business guru Jim Blasingame talks often on his syndicated radio about the importance of “loving up” your customers in today’s highly competitive marketplace. He encourages his listeners to be certain they train their employees on the appropriate ways to “love up” their customers and to ensure they never miss the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess at “loving up” customers.

The landscape of customer service has been re-contoured. Today’s customers are not at all the way they used to be 5 years ago. What has caused customers to be so different? First, customers get terrific service from some organizations and use those experiences to judge everyone. When the FedEx delivery person walks with a sense of urgency we expect the mail carrier to do likewise. Second, customers have far more choices than ever before so they are forced to use their purchase experience as their primary tool for discernment.

Third, today’s[…] Continue...

What chair do you reserve for customers?


desk-789632_640Have you noticed that your customers have changed? 60% of customers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did just one year ago. They have raised the bar on how they view customer experience. And 76% of customers say the level of customer service you provide is the true test of how much your organization values them. They are looking for service providers who consistently deliver service experiences that drive loyalty! Service providers focused on delivering GREAT service! The kind of service that takes the customers’ breath away! If we can consistently deliver this kind of experience the payback is huge!

Chairs are a big deal.  The big boss sits in the chair at the head of the board table.  The best player in each section of an orchestra is called “first chair” and the first chair of the first violin section is the “concertmaster.”  We call the leader of a committee the “chair.” Many renowned professors get[…] Continue...

Are Your Customers Creating Storms?


lightning-342341_640Forbes reported in August that businesses are losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service. 93% of Americans say organizations fail to exceed their customer service expectations! Made smarter by the internet, customers are empowered and emboldened to accept nothing short of value.  It has made them Fickle—quicker to leave if unhappy.  Forty four percent of customers stop doing business immediately after a less than satisfactory experience and another 15% exit as soon as their contract is up!  It means we have to have a powerful service recovery capacity to fix things quickly when they go wrong.  

It was a stormy night and Chip’s three granddaughters were awakened by the loud, shake-the-rafters thunder.  They quickly descended upon his bedroom, eager to sleep with Chip and Nancy.  Their arrival triggered a discussion about the difference between thunder and lightning, including how to count the delay between sight[…] Continue...

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