Delivering the Soul of Service


share_02 (1)Kaleidoscopes are super cool toys.  My granddaughters cannot pass by our sofa table of kaleidoscopes without picking one up, turning the animator, and grinning.  They are often so enamored with a unique cavalcade of color one of them will hold the kaleidoscope very still and pass it to a sister so that exact image can be shared.

Profoundly remarkable service is like a kaleidoscope.  Like holding the toy still and passing it to another to share, you cannot wait to remark about your unique service experience.  Such experiences do not just bring you back; they inspire you to bring your friends who have been “pied pipered” by your colorful service story.

But, there is a feature of a kaleidoscope we often miss—the glass pieces inside (granddaughters refer to them as jewels) never change.  They might be mirrored to produce unique designs but we do not open up the toy to replace the jewels.  They are like the soul of service—the core, bedrock[…] Continue...

“Pianos On Fire” Customer Service


Amazon KaleidoscopeJerry Lee Lewis (aka, The Killer) has been a wild country music singer performing for over sixty years! His performances continue to electrify with acrobatic boogie-woogie piano playing and wall-to-wall non-stop passion. Having attended his concerts more than once, I have watched him amaze huge audiences with his talent, versatility and willingness to be experimental. He is 81 years young…and still performing!

In the 1989 movie , with Dennis Quaid playing Jerry Lee, he is told by the show’s producer that he will have to perform on stage before the great Chuck Berry. Lewis balks and insists that he close the show, not Berry. Jerry Lee’s agent loses the argument since it is in Berry’s contract that he closes all shows in which he performs.

Jerry Lee relents and delivers a crowd-pleasing, dance-in-the-aisles show. Near the end of his wild rendition of “Great Balls of Fire,” he sets the grand piano on fire and continues to play. Walking[…] Continue...

Understanding Customers Through Anthropolgy


AnthropologyWhat would he see or think if you brought in Dr. Indiana Jones to help you better understand your customers?  Or, better still, if Margaret Mead or Ruth Benedict was your customer anthropology coach?

At the core, anthropology is the study of humanity.  Social or cultural anthropologists seek to understand how a culture, tribe, family or clan link together through language, myths, mores, beliefs, rituals and symbols.  What is it that makes the Cochiti, Samoans, Curds, Navy Seals, Hell’s Angels, Hatfield’s or McCoy’s a linked clique beyond their common history or shared place?

Customers have many similarities; they also have major differences.  Their sense of sameness comes through a similar reading of signals and symbols with common interpretation.  Their differences lie in their varied reactions to the factors that make them alike.

We enjoy checking into a hotel via the front-desk, complete with its capacity to influence our[…] Continue...

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