Strong Emotional Connections = Great Customer Experiences!


Connect with or walk into one of your favorite service providers and you immediately feel the difference in the experience that makes this establishment one of your chosen few. What is the difference? There is no doubt that the product or outcome they deliver is one you value and trust but most likely they make a strong emotional connection with you that you find meaningful.
How can you make a strong emotional connection with customers? As we often tell our consulting clients, “it is not hard!” It does take a well thought out vision of what your unique and distinguishing service experience should be as well as a clear definition of the experiential elements the organization needs to consistently provide to deliver your special experience. There are several common components we find that deliver the “special” feeling to customers that bring them back and causes them to advocate for your business.
We find the top component in terms of “return[…] Continue…

Do You Show Trust to Your Customers?


The Holiday Inn in Peterborough, Ontario, is famous for what they call the “magical moments” they create for guests.   A woman who frequently stays at Holiday Inns called the Holiday Inn Peterborough Waterfront with a unique request.   Although she lived hundreds of miles away, her daughter lived alone in Peterborough.  She had learned in a phone call that her daughter was not feeling well.  Wanting to help her daughter, the mother had called several restaurants in the area in an attempt to secure a meal delivered to her daughter and charged to the mother’s credit card.  All had refused.  Remembering the service she had previously received from Holiday Inns, she called the Peterborough hotel in a last ditch effort for assistance.
Eliza Belfry, Guest Service Representative and Jennifer Charron, Riverside Grill Server went into action.  The requested meal was prepared and a taxi summoned.  Pursuant to the mother’s request[…] Continue…

Do Your Customers Experience Your Values?


High Point University is a private college in High Point, North Carolina.  When Dr. Nido Qubein assumed the presidency in 2005, he shifted the focus to the experience of their customer—the student. The wireless campus is an immaculate setting with speakers playing classical music as students change classes.  However, everything is done to model a value.  Kiosks have free healthy snacks students can grab as they walk to class (modeling Generosity and Wellness).  There are dorm concierges (Service), valet parking at night (Security), free Saturday car wash and an ice cream truck on hot days (Joy), live music in the cafeteria to attract students to stay and chat instead eat and run (Fellowship).  Students get a birthday card with a free Starbucks card inside (Caring).  “America’s Best Colleges” 2017 Edition, published in the U.S. News & World Report, ranks High Point University No. 1 among all regional colleges in the South[…] Continue…

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