Take Your Customer’s Breath Away!


wandToday’s wired and dangerous customer is looking for organizations that are continuously pushing to improve the customer journey and take their customers’ experience to new heights. Delivering a customer experience that satisfies the customer is not nearly enough to create loyalty and growth. Customers are on the lookout for companies who utilize innovation to find new ways to consistently wow their customers.

Play-Doh® was the accidental by-product of an effort to develop wallpaper cleaner.  The Slinky® came about when scientists were trying to design a spring to support sensitive equipment on ships.  Silly Putty® was a mistake in an attempt to create a synthetic rubber substitute.  And the technology that made Cool Whip® possible (that amazing whipped cream–like product that stays fluffy after being frozen) was a sheer accident.  A food chemist at General Foods was working on developing a new topping and accidentally[…] Continue...

Customers Today Crave Consistency!


targetCustomers today are more powerful than ever! And they base the majority of their decision on where to spend their hard earned dollars on the customer service experiences they encounter. Recent research shows 97% of customers say that customer service is very important or somewhat important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand! And 76% of customers say that the level of customer service is the true test of how much an organization values them!


We recently completed several focus groups for a client in the senior living industry. One of our most interesting findings was that the outcome most desired by residents and family members alike was the consistency of service reliability. For the resident it is all about the confidence that someone will answer their late night call quickly, take care of them just like they were a member of their family; that the employees here care and they can always depend on them. For family members it is all about[…] Continue...

Two Very Powerful Words


thanksgivingAs the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we think it is appropriate to stop for a moment and reflect on how we show our gratitude.

“Thank you!” These are arguably the two most powerful words in the English language. Customers and colleagues love to hear and feel a sincere “thank you”. Imagine what would happen to your business if everyone increased their use of these two words with associates and customers. This tactic can set an organization apart in an era of “take-you-for-granted” service.  The goal is not simply the expression of a statement but rather the conveyance of a feeling.  We have all heard “thank you” directed at us, knowing full well there was little sincerity behind it.   When delivering innovative service, thank you means communicating gratitude in a fashion that makes customers and colleagues feel your authenticity. What are you doing to improve the authentic communication of gratitude to your customers[…] Continue...

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