Do Customers Feel Trust in Your Service Experience?


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We live our lives on promises. From the time a child can grasp the concept of “cross my heart and hope to die,” there is a forever realization that anxiety can only be reduced through proof of trust while waiting for a promise to be kept. From “Scout’s honor” to “I do” to “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” we seek cues that allay our worries. Lifeguards, the bus schedule, and the spotlessness of a hospital room are all obvious artifacts of promises waiting to be kept.

Trust is the emotion that propels customers to the other side of the gap between their expectation and their experience. Making trust the centerpiece of innovative service can catapult a service provider into a position of distinction in the eyes of customers. The manner in which the organization manages customer trust drives every other component of the service encounter. What are ways you can ensure today’s wired and dangerous customers always trust your[…] Continue...

Innovative Service Is Edgy!


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The weather was the type that drives you indoors on a Saturday afternoon.  It had been a hard travel week and I needed some unwind time; perfect conditions for two back-to-back Academy Award-winning best picture movies.  The first was the 1995 winner—Braveheart; the second was the 1996 winner–The English Patient.

The order of movie viewing was a big mistake.  I only watched 2/3rds of the second movie.  Now, before you play the “Guy Movie” card, you should know I actually prefer movies with more plot and less gore.  But, Braveheart was so “in your face,” heart-pounding edgy that The English Patient seemed plain vanilla by contrast.  The first movie made me ready to go out in the front yard and charge something; the second made me ready for bed.

I was on one of my favorite websites buying my wife a pair of shoes.  I needed to get a bit of help from their call center smart person.  The experience was terrific…and, a lot of fun. […] Continue...

Intelligent Service Monitoring



It was a compelling story on a popular evening news program.  A reporter was trapped for days under the rubble of a collapsed hotel following an earthquake.  He gave much of the credit for his survival to a first aid app he had downloaded on his smartphone. The app even gave him instructions on how to care for a major cut from his knee to his foot.

What would a service aid app be like?  And, since service is delivered through a relationship, one could call it a service aide—the assistant always there to lighten your load, expedite your work, or enhance your effectiveness…much like a general’s aide.

I recently dropped a phone line from the array of five numbers for the business.  The call center agent handled the disconnect and then looked at the other four accounts and started telling me ways I could save on each.  She reviewed my historical use and their current rate plans and ultimately cut my monthly phone bill over $200.  While I was appreciative[…] Continue...

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