What Chair is Reserved for Your Customer?


ChairChairs are a big deal.  The big boss sits in the chair at the head of the board table.  The best player in each section of an orchestra is called “first chair” and the first chair of the first violin section is the “concertmaster.”  We call the leader of a committee the “chair.” Many renowned professors get an endowed chair at a university. One of our most frequent expressions for joining a group is, “grab a chair.”  We use the size and decoration of chairs to signal power (the King’s chair), privilege (sit in the chair to the right of the leader) and prestige (box seats).

Today’s customers expected to be treated as very valuable assets. Even a hint that you don’t appreciate the value they bring sends them off to another provider. Today’s wired and dangerous customer is fickle and will change providers faster than ever before. Are you demonstrating your gratitude to your customers throughout their journey with your organization[…] Continue...

Innovative Service Requires Character!


icons“Would your work practices change if your son or daughter was watching you in order to learn life lessons?” my business partner, John Patterson asked a group of senior leaders. The company was famous for its profit at any cost mentality and had indicated a desire to become more customer-centric with a long-term view.

A major conflict had emerged when one of the senior leaders wanted to implement an opt-out product. Opt-out means a current customer is sold a product or service they did not request and is required to proactively let the company know they did not want the product or service. Many customers do not micro-manage their monthly statement and thus fail to catch the added fee. Once they do, they scream at the call center. Tricking the customer might generate short-term profits but it clearly is not customer-centric.

The incident launched a discussion about the relevance of an impeccable character among leaders of an organization. Most[…] Continue...

2017: the Year of Innovative Service that Sparkles


2017Welcome to 2017! We are excited about the sparkling opportunities and shining moments that lay ahead. We believe this year will be remembered in years to come as one in which people in the world of work embraced the spirit of innovative service – consistently providing customers with a unique and unexpected customer experience creation.

Value – unique is different from value – added. When service people are asked to give more, they often think, “I’m already doing the best I can.” But if asked to pleasantly surprise more customers, they feel less like worker bees and more like fireflies. And when employees get to create, not just perform, they feel prized. This refreshingly novel brand of service leaves customers more cheaply entertained-and it leaves them richly stirred!

Thank you for following our innovative service blog. We hope 2017 is your best year ever! We wanted to share with you our firm’s resolutions for 2017.

The CHIP BELL[…] Continue...

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