Great Service is Like a Puzzle


Colorful Puzzle PiecesPuzzles are fun…especially, on a rainy day when there’s no ballgame on television.  Puzzles can be a great bonding experience for families.  Putting a puzzle together has a lot of similarities with creating a great customer experience for today’s wired and dangerous customer..

Putting a puzzle together begins by looking at the picture on the front of the puzzle box.  Great service begins with a clear picture of what the experience should be like consistently across all units.  Consistency gives customers trust and confidence.  Service at branch A should be like branch B; customers should be forced to pick a service person because one known to be great; others not so great.

Puzzles require all the pieces.  The biggest irritant to a puzzle enthusiast is a missing puzzle piece.  The same is true for great service.  Great front line service people are only as good as the tools, supports, authority provided them.  Friendly, but incompetent[…] Continue...

Flower Your Customer’s Experience


We dedicated our current newsletter to Spring. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” said the comedian, Robin Williams.

It is the season of renewal and growth. It is a time when we think about going barefoot or going fishing. We spring clean, have a spring fling, spring into action, and put a spring in our steps. It connotes energy and freshness.

What a perfect season to create a new, vibrant relationship with those you serve. If your customers were a garden, this would be the time to clear away the crabgrass of boredom and ho-hum, fertilize your relationships, and plant new opportunities for a fruitful alliance. Spring clean your customer relationships and enjoy the flowering of the growth in your bottom-line!! (If you are not on our newsletter distribution list and would like to be, please email john at and we will get you on there.)

flowerNature can be a powerful inspiration for innovative[…] Continue...

How Do Your Customers Rate Your level of Innovation?


writing-1149962_1920You take your car in for regular maintenance and your body in for a physical exam. Women get a mammogram; men get a PSA check. The optometrist checks your eye sight; the audiologist your hearing and your dentist checks for cavities. What about the service you provide to your customers? Does it get a regular check-up?

Today’s wired and dangerous customers are vain – expecting treatment that telegraphs they are special and unique, not just one of the masses. This requires that we develop new and innovative approaches to consistently take our customers breath away.

We have been working to create a short, but important check-list to review how you are doing. Asking the customer to say “ah” (a.k.a., soliciting feedback) and checking various test results (like complaint analysis, FAQ responses and survey results) can add to your smart preventive maintenance. Here’s a “baker’s dozen” check-up questions to get you started. Add your[…] Continue...

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